Grosvenor Park closed today and tomorrow (14/15 August)

Notice 14/8/2014

Due to the wet weather and soggy underfoot, we have closed Grosvenor Park fields for practise. The smaller fields and surrounding green space over on Discovery Park are ok at this stage, so if you are going to practise tonight or Friday, please use Discovery, although stay off the full size pitch (the Senior field).

At this stage all games are still on this Saturday.

Thanks for your help

HRFC Committee.

HRFC Development Programme – Term 3 Enrolments Open

Term 2 has ended with numbers at a record level since the inception of our program in early 2013. This is a great reflection on the program that Michael Groom has implemented since he has been involved this year.

We are expecting demand to be high for this program and with current venues only have capacity for 50 kids max. If we get greater enrollments than this we will create a waiting list and look to source another venue. Priority will go to those already enrolled (who have already expressed interest in re enrolment) and then to HRFC members based based on time of application.

I highly recommend this program as I have seen some great improvement in skill level in my own son since his involvement. This program is the first stage of our continuing commitment to extend and develop HRFC players to their full potential.

The Detail
Venue -  St Pauls Gym
Sessions - one hour duration
Start time - 5.30pm, 6.00pm or 6.30pm dependent on group (coaches determine group placement)
Cost - $120 (discounted to $95 for HRFC players)
Start – Monday 4th August

ENROL NOW using this link

HRFC Development Programme – Term 2 Make Up Session

The final session for term 2 is this Monday 28th July. Venue and times as below.

If you were attending the Fairfield College session at 5pm your new time and venue is 5.30pm at the old St Pauls Gym

If you were attending the Fairfield College session at 6.15pm your new time and venue is 6.30pm at the old St Pauls Gym

If you were attending the St Pauls session at 6pm your new time and venue is 6.00pm at the new St Pauls Gym


Notice: 1/7/2014

Sorry but due to the weather and ground conditions, we have had to close all HRFC grounds for practise’s for the rest of the week.

At this stage the games for this weekend are all still on!

HRFC 8th, 9th & 10th Grade Tournament

Come on down to Grosvenor park and watch some exciting football as HRFC hosts its first tournament.



Games start at 9:00am and prize giving is expected to be at about 2:00pm.


Food and drinks will be available onsite.


Grosvenor field closed 26/27 June 2014

Hi Guys, we need to preserve the Grosvenor fields for this weekends and this weeks tournament.

If you do practise tonight (Thursday) or tomorrow (Friday), please practice at Discovery (off the fields), use cones etc to setup an area AWAY from the pitches. Also please stay off the Senior pitch.

At this stage all weekend games are still ON.